Every day the volume of riders and the sheer number of access points in addition to work sites at many of the nation’s mass transit systems, present a tempting target to those seeking to commit criminal and terrorist acts.

Challenges like these, as well as negligent hiring issues, threaten the success and credibility of all transit organizations. eVerifile’s TransitForce is a custom developed program that addresses these challenges and risks.

With our extensive track record of service to the gaming industry, eVerifile offers cloud-based solutions to meet many workforce risk management challenges, including:


• Key & Non-Key Casino Personnel

eVerifile offers a wide range of support services that help casino human resource departments pre-screen personnel and applicants, so that unqualified subjects are identified before being assigned important roles within an organization. We can also assist with qualifying applicants for licensing of key and non-key employment positions, as well as conduct renewal screens.


• Vendor Management

Whether you need to conduct simple background investigations on new vendors or manage an entire vendor enrollment system, eVerifile can help casino operators implement a solution that reduces the time and costs associated with managing contractor/vendor relationships.


• Security Management

eVerifile helps casino operators and their vendors comply with internal and regulatory requirements via comprehensive security screenings, online orientations and training, and security credentialing for their key and non-key employees and contractor/vendor personnel.


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