Streamline and Automate Your Gaming Commission Requirements

As a trusted Tribal Gaming partner, eVerifile is the industry’s only comprehensive gaming licensing platform.

eVerifile’s GamingForce specializes in helping Gaming Commissions decrease the risk of fraud in employee and vendor licensing.


eVerifile’s Integrated Solutions on the GamingForce Platform


GamingForce Background Screen: Pre-screening, ongoing monitoring, and renewal screens are critical to gaming commissions. eVerifile works with gaming commissions to pre-screen all personnel before they enter your casino.

GamingForce Vendor Screening: When you need to background check your vendors’ business, management or employees, eVerifile works with gaming commissions to decrease the time and expense to manage vendor screening process.

GamingForce Badging: eVerifile works with gaming commissions to provide badging for employees and vendors—a process that can be fully integrated with your internal access control systems. In addition, eVerifile is experienced in providing temporary credentials for special events.

GamingForce Tribal License Database: With eVerifile, gaming commissions can quickly obtain license status on employees, and vendors and have access to a private gaming commission communication channel.

GamingForce License Manager: eVerifile’s integrated solutions provide gaming commissions with a streamlined process to manage their tribal license information to ensure that employees and vendors are current on license requirements.

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