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We offer various complimentary resources based on our past experiences with clients and our forward-thinking expertise.  Please click on any of the buttons below to be sent to the corresponding eVerifile resource.

Knowledge Base

Get the answers to many of your questions in detailed articles about pressing compliance and workforce management topics.


Is your company is keeping up with the compliance needs in many of the industries we specialize in? Rails and utilities focused.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some questions get asked more than others.  We tried to consolidate some of the more common questions we answer here.


Interested in learning more about the specific services of eVerifile?  Look no further! We have some one-page brochures you can download.

Our Core Tenants

The eVerifile team adheres to core pillars that flow through every aspect of how we conduct business.  Our clients will testify on our behalf and second our level of service.

Customer Care

We will serve our clients with exceptional customer care from advisors who understand your business.



We are candid, honest, flexible and quick to respond to our client and partner needs.


Challenge the Status Quo

We always approach every problem with fresh eyes and encourage our clients to always think differently about their workforce and how best to mitigate risks.

Employee Centric Culture

eVerifile’s high employee retention (>90%) translates into an experienced and motivated workforce that will take ownership of every client interaction and represent our client brands with a high degree of quality.

Protect your brand and safegaurd your workplace today.