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Screening Solutions

eVerifile is a veteran of contract workforce management systems with almost 20 years domain experience.  Be Certain with our holistic and industry-specific solutions below.


Our eWorkforce solution is a holistic contractor management system that includes contractor screening, online training, ID/badging facilitation, and on-going contractor management tools.  The best part is that it has been tailor built to the needs of the rails, utilities, and venue industries from our years of domain expertise.  Make the step into modern contractor and vendor management with eWorkforce.


eRailSafe is the Class 1 and ShortLine industry standard for contractor safety and security management for Railroads and the vendors that serve them.


UtilitySafe is a comprehensive workforce management solution developed to assist safety, security and NERC compliance in streamlining routine workforce and contractor management activities such as Personnel Screening, Compliance Awareness and Testing, and Security Credentialing.

The Best Contract

Workforce Management Features

We ship over 150,000 badges per year. Our fully integrated contract workforce management system has all the features our clients need and each feature has been perfected during years of industry experience.

Criminal Background Checks


Online Training


Badging and ID Solutions


Drug Testing


Employment Verification



Education and Reference Audit


Our Complete Line of eVerifile

Industry Specific Solutions

Our eWorkforce and eRailSafe solutions are just our flagships.  We also provide comprehensive contractor management solutions for the gaming, utilities, transit, pharmaceutical/biotech, and event industries.