Mitigate Your Company’s Workforce and Supplier Risk

eVerifile is a cloud-based workforce platform that helps companies reduce their supplier and employee risk.

Integrated Workforce Solutions

eVerifile’s workforce solutions include industry-specific toolsets for managing the massive sized contract


Contractor Screening Solutions

How well do you know your contractors and suppliers? With our industry-specific screening processes and tools, you can rest at ease. Be Certain.

Employment Screening

Fast and accurate employment screening services. Our configurable workforce solutions will help your business mitigate risk. Be Certain with eVerifile.

We Are Dedicated to Protecting Brands

Through innovative cloud-based workforce solutions and services in business process outsourcing we help companies mitigate their workforce and contractor risk, to protect their brand, their employees and customers.

Manage Vendor Relationships With Confidence

The combination of our screening solutions and our workforce management tool allows you to focus on the things that really matter.  We also offer comprehensive industry-specific online training solutions and badging.  Basically, eVerifile is your one-stop-shop for contractor management.

Protecting Your Brand and Improving Customer Service Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

• Protect your people and brand – People-intelligence solutions
• Reduce supplier risk – Supply chain visibility and compliance

Protect your brand and safegaurd your workplace today.