Spectator Sports are a multibillion-dollar industry that often presents a tempting, high-profile target for provocateurs, malcontents, and terrorists. Whether it’s youth-based, collegiate or professional sporting events, eVerifile has the winning strategy to help minimize potential incidents with EventSecure.

EventSecure offers cloud-based solutions to help address this national security issue by working with venue operators to put procedures in place to enhance the safety for spectators and participants at their facilities.

Organizations utilize the service to ensure compliance with industry safety/security requirements while facilitating a safe environment for its fans.

EventSecure is easy to implement and simple to use. No additional software or equipment is required and EventSecure can be securely accessed from any PC, anywhere at anytime. Manage and monitor your people management, safety and security tasks from EventSecure’s easy to use web-based platform.

Features Include


Background Check Services

  • Criminal Background Investigation
  • Employment & Reference Checks
  • Drug Testing
  • Professional License Verification
  • Motor Vehicle Records (MVRS)

Custom Administrative Support

  • Auto Documentation/Auditing
  • Contractor/Vendor Management
  • Web-based Training/Testing
  • Security Access Credentialing

Our Values


Be Leading Edge

We are dedicated to being proactive, responsive, conscientious, and trusted.

Protection First

Above all else, brand and personnel protection come first.

Exceptional Customer Care

Our specialists understand your business and are here to serve you.

Think differently

We challenge the industry status quo and encourage clients to do the same.

Have a winning culture

eVerifile’s high employee retention (>90%) translates into an experienced and motivated workforce that will take ownership of every client interaction.

“Small yet Big” approach

we are quick to market, flexible, people-centered without sacrificing world-class technology or leadership experience.