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Frequently Asked Questions

Given heightened concerns regarding national security, increased incidents of malfeasance, and natural disasters, organizations in virtually every industry are implementing additional procedures to identify potential threats and secure their workplace. You have questions, eVerifile has answers. Check our FAQs section below, or submit your own question.
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Do I have to pay per area for a criminal background screens?
No. Our nationwide multi-county search will screen all counties that your applicants have resided at for the past seven years based on SSN trace.
Can everything be completed via the web?
Our system can be completely web-based and can be accessed securely from any computer at any time. Reports are ordered with a simple “point and click” ordering process and are retrieved electronically upon completion.
Can eVerifile help me with automating applications?
Yes. We can automate your entire hiring process using our technology to save you time and money.
How can I customize my company’s ID badges?
Badges can include corporate logo, company name, address and more. ID badges can be created online for employees, contractors, visitors, volunteers and more. You can even keep track of badge recipients templates, issuances, and renewals with online documentation features.
Besides criminal background checks, what other risk assessment solutions does eVerifile offer?

We offer a wide array of risk assessment solutions. Our On Demand solutions can be accessed securely from a computer at any time with just a username and password. We offer:

  • SSN verification
  • Employment report
  • Education & employment verification
  • DOT verifications
  • Motor vehicle report searches
  • Worker’s compensation reports
  • Government watch lists
  • And many more

Our goal is to help minimize tedious day-to-day risk assessment tasks.

What industries does eVerifile serve?
Yours! eVerifile has been developing and delivering fast, web-powered employee screening solutions and support systems for organizations all over the world. We offer customized, scalable tools based on specific company and industry requirements. Besides Utilities, Transportation, Medical, Sports & Special Events, and Gaming, we serve industries worldwide. Give us a call today to see how we can help meet your industry needs.
There are a lot of background screening companies out there, why should I choose eVerifile?

eVerifile is determined to keep your organization safe. Here are just a few of the ways we can start helping you streamline processes today:

  1. We help you find the right people by pre-screening candidates
  2. We help you make the right decisions by delivering the information you need to make informed hiring decisions
  3. We help you administer the right training by delivering important training and tests online
  4. We help you apply the right control by determining who gains access to your facility with custom ID badges

Protect your brand and safegaurd your workplace today.