eVerifile helps companies mitigate supplier and workforce risk.

Be Certain.
We are a workforce management resource empowering companies to reduce their supplier and employee risk.


Founded as a Credit Reporting Agency providing pre-employment and contractor screening solutions.


Founded eRailSafe – The premeir industry Safety and Security Contractor Compliance program



  • Released innovative 2.0 cloud platform
  • Introduced Mobile Badging

Proven Success

Our Mission

Through innovative cloud-based workforce solutions and services in business process outsourcing we help companies mitigate their workforce and contractor risk, to protect their brand, their employees and customers.
  • Member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners


  • Privately Held

Our Values


Be Leading Edge

We are dedicated to being proactive, responsive, conscientious, and trusted.

Protection First

Above all else, brand and personnel protection come first.

Exceptional Customer Care

Our specialists understand your business and are here to serve you.

Think differently

We challenge the industry status quo and encourage clients to do the same.

Have a winning culture

eVerifile’s high employee retention (>90%) translates into an experienced and motivated workforce that will take ownership of every client interaction.

“Small yet Big” approach

we are quick to market, flexible, people-centered without sacrificing world-class technology or leadership experience.