When selecting a background check service, it’s important to understand your options and exactly what you should be looking for. In order to simplify your search, we’ve created a checklist of benefits and features that you should look for when selecting the best background check service for your needs. A good company will have at least 10 of the following criteria. A GREAT company will offer all of them.

  • Compliance with U.S. county, state, and federal regulations
  • One-stop shop of multiple forms of background checks and verifications
  • Able to submit requests online (web-based approach)
  • Automated applications 
  • Secure data transmissions
  • Accurate and affordable data retrieval
  • Timely delivery of requested information
  • Drug testing
  • Government Watch Lists
  • Reference verification and interviews
  • Administration of employee training and assessments online
  • Custom ID Badges for authorized onsite access
  • Customized, scalable tools tailored to your industry
  • Partnerships with Nationwide information bureaus and suppliers
  • Responsive to customer concerns


Another useful tool in determining which service is right for you is the ability to read case studies or client testimonials from users of the service. You want to know the track record for the company and whether or not there are any complaints surrounding them. So look for a company with an excellent track record with various industries and clientele.

 A company that offers a full-service approach to background checks can help streamline company administration. When selecting a background check service, ask if they have employment verification,online trainings, and customizable ID badging programs.

 The best background check service will also have at least a decade of experience. Be sure to ask potential background check companies if they are the government standard in any industries and what their customer service offers.

 For more information on selecting the best background check service, contact eVerifile. We have experts in your industry to answer any questions you may have.