Technology has changed how pretty much everything is done—from shopping to bill paying, and now talent recruitment. The Web provides opportunities for recruiters to better identify and locate quality talent, as well as the ability to hire remote talent to bring them in as an asset regardless if geographic obstacles exist.

Here is a guide for best leveraging technology for recruiters—from finding talent to hiring talent:

Finding Talent
An overwhelming number of companies are now using social media platforms, like LinkedIn, to search and contact potential job candidates who match the skills needed for specific positions. With LinkedIn being a networking site, recruiters can review endorsements, education, and references for the individual and send a private message to inquire about their interest in employment.

Screening Talent
HR managers and recruiters can now utilize web-based solutions for pre-employment background screening. With these advanced screening solutions, employers are able to verify criminal history, employment, credentials, certifications, worker’s compensation history, and any other vital information for employment.

Training & Assessments
Technology also provides recruiters and HR teams the ability to use custom internet-based industry training programs, and then assess the candidates’ knowledge of job duties and necessary safety measures to meet organization and industry requirements.

More Resources Without Exhausting the Budget
With the professional arena constantly evolving, it is imperative that companies learn to integrate technology for recruitment to ensure your workforce has cost-effective processes in acquiring the highest-quality talent.

Recruitment technology offers quick, targeted methods to not only identify talent, but to navigate through the onboarding channels and improve the candidate experience.

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