The safety and security of venues and stadiums remains a national security issue. The recent events and tragedies across the world have shown that all stadiums and venues must enhance the safety for spectators and participants at their facilities.

Event staffers are often the first line of defense in establishing a secure inner perimeter in and around a venue. It is critical that venue staff members receive security awareness training that emphasizes risk mitigation, communication, guest services and emergency and evacuation procedures.

eVerifile, a leader in pre-employment and employment screening services partners with the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) in order to provide awareness to event staff and large-scale venues and stadiums throughout the United States.

Through eVerifile’s partnership with NCS4, security companies and venues are using the CSVS certification to train front line event staff and provide a secure environment at any event. eVerifile provides background check services which include features such as drug testing and employment & reference checks. Whether the event is youth-based, collegiate or a professional sporting event, eVerifile can help minimize potential incidents through background check services and custom administrative support.

The CSVS certification is a two-part credential composed of online safety and security training, and includes a background check. In addition to training, eVerifile assists with continuous criminal monitoring capabilities in order to mitigate liability resulting from negligent hiring.

Employees at venues and stadiums should be knowledgeable about the procedures and rules in case an incident should happen. In addition, all front line event staff should participate in exercises that test plans and promote awareness of roles and responsibilities.

The key to maintaining a secure venue or stadium is to effectively train and prepare all employees on the first line of defense. Stadium and venue events are part of a multibillion-dollar industry that often presents a high-target profile for provocateurs and malcontents. Therefore, organizations should implement and abide by industry safety and security protocols.