Effective hiring, for small businesses, is achieved by conducting the necessary employment background checks to learn more about the applicant’s history, which could either disqualify them, or confirm their compatibility with your company. Though pre-employment background checks for small businesses are a crucial component to the applicant selection process, small business owners may not be as familiar with new FCRA & EEOC policies as larger companies with a dedicated HR department.

Here are a few areas for consideration when utilizing background check services for small business.

Small Business Background Checks are for More Than Checking Criminal History

For the majority, the term “background check” is synonymous with “checking criminal history.” In reality, there is a lot more you could be checking—and should be checking. Depending on the nature of the job, it may be appropriate to acquire a motor vehicle report or to verify an applicant’s licenses.

Furthermore, the EEOC has strict guidelines relating to disqualifying candidates solely on a criminal charge. It is beneficial to approach pre-employment background screening with the mindset of wanting to learn more about a candidate to confirm compatibility with the position and company, as opposed to looking for something specific to disqualify him or her.

Develop A Policy

A company policy on what pre-employment background searches will be performed—and how that information will be used—will maintain consistency and prevent discrimination allegations. Of course, different positions will have different requirements and may require different background checks for a small business, but, if multiple applicants are interviewing for the same position, their pre-employment background checks should be consistent.

Maintain Communication

Depending on what you find during the pre-employment background check process, the hiring manager is encouraged to not immediately dismiss the applicant, but, instead, allow them an opportunity to explain or clarify.

Utilize a Professional Background Screening Company

The pre-employment background check report contains information that you won’t find with a Google search. Working with a reputable company, like eVerifile, will ensure that you are collecting accurate information on the correct individual. Additionally, of equal, if not greater, importance, working with a professional pre-employment screening company helps prevent small and large companies from mistakenly viewing information that violates the law.

A pre-employment background check is a valuable tool for small businesses, in order to ensure that you are hiring compatible applicants who will contribute to your company’s success. Follow these guidelines to get your employment screening process on the right track.

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