In today’s business culture, it is imperative that leaders take every step possible to protect their workforce. Despite the fact that only 10% of U.S. companies conduct background checks on contractors, ensuring a safe workplace should be a top priority for every employer.

While conducting background checks is an integral part of the process, protecting your workforce does not end there. It is important that your business have a strategic and holistic risk mitigation plan in place; a systematic and prepared risk plan could have a direct impact on your business’s short and long-term success.

eVerifile has a variety of services, customizable for all different industries, making risk mitigation simple and effective:

  • Background checks and workforce screening
  • Contractor and vendor screening
  • Online training and badging
  • Drug screening and occupational health
  • Business credit reports

Background checks and workforce screening:  From social security traces to credit checks, it’s important that you know who is entering your workforce.  Thorough background checks and screening procedures will warrant informed hiring decisions.

Contractor and vendor screening: Reduce risk by mitigating the hazards involved with hiring contractors and vendors.  By performing certificate and license checks, coupled with employment and reference verifications, your business can be certain when hiring contractors.

Online training and badging: Plan your risk management mitigation procedures prior to accidents occurring by integrating eVerfile’s safety training and education into your standard employee procedures.  Practices such as HR orientations, corporate and compliance presentations, employee surveys, and regulatory tests can ensure your business is fostering a safe and secure work environment.  Be proactive in preventing accidents by creating a badging and credentialing program in your workplace

Drug screening and occupational health:  Drug users make up 8% of employees in America and can be a risk to your business for a variety of reasons including: accidents, employee theft, increased healthcare expenses, and low levels of productivity.  As part of your risk mitigation plan, drug testing will help eliminate potential dangers and ensure that you are hiring quality employees.

Business credit reports: 75% of employees have stolen at least once from their employer.  By conducting business credit reports to confirm potential employees are financially stable, businesses are less likely to experience fraud and other potential dangers.

Promoting safety and security should be a top priority for every business. Protect your business by building a strategic risk mitigation plan that will help reduce risk and prevent accidents before they happen.