The Harvard Business Review reported that up to 80 percent of employee turnover is the direct result of bad hiring. Bad hiring—the selection of an applicant who doesn’t possess the proper credentials or, too often, an applicant who’s past behavior and decisions don’t align with the values and expectations of the company. A bad hire jeopardizes morale and safety. A bad hire can even lead to financial devastation for your company—but it can be prevented.

Preventing Bad Hiring Decisions

Work History & Credential Verification

According to a study conducted by Statistic Brain, 78 percent of resumes contain information that is misleading, with 53 percent of resumes containing falsifications. Without proper credential verification screening, the risk of hiring an unqualified candidate grows to a dangerous level.

An individual who is familiar with all EEOC guidelines and hiring best practices should perform the verification of a candidate’s work history and professional capabilities. At eVerifile, our screening professionals conduct interviews with past employers/ HR to acquire a thorough evaluation of employment history and capabilities.

Criminal Background Screening

In an effort to ensure maximum workplace security, companies should maintain a criminal background screening policy to protect against financial and security risks. Criminal background checks should include county, state, and federal criminal databases.

If your company does not have a dedicated HR department, with a hiring manager knowledgeable in the laws surrounding the hiring process, it is especially important that you consult with a professional to develop a criminal background screening policy that is in agreement with EEOC guidelines.

Utilizing a trusted background screening service, companies can be confident that records are verified to guarantee accurate results, obtained ethically and legally.

Workplace Drug Screening

With a reported 8 percent of full-time employees and 10.2 percent of part-time employees taking part in illicit drug use, workplace drug testing has become imperative. Employee drug use costs employers $276 billion each year, resulting from absenteeism, decreased productivity, theft, injuries, etc.

Currently, 84 percent of companies require drug screening for employment, but pre-employment drug testing is insufficient in protecting your employees, your brand, and yourself. Ongoing drug screening helps employers protect their workplace from the physical and financial dangers associated with employee drug use.

The purpose of employment screening is to supply you with the information needed to make the best hiring choice for your company. Bad hiring decisions can lead your brand down a dark, doomful road—but with eVerifile comprehensive background screening solutions, you can be assured the risks will be identified.