HR managers and recruiting staff face many talent acquisition challenges—whether they are losing prospects to other organizations, losing them due to frustration in the hiring process, or selecting them to later realize they were a bad hire.

Understanding the obstacles that surround finding and securing great talent is the first step in creating a force of strong brand assets. Here are some talent acquisition solutions to best enable your HR and recruiting managers to find promising prospects.

Enhance Communication Between Hiring Teams & Executive Management

Overcoming Talent Acquisition Challenges

Far too often, there isn’t sufficient communication between HR, or recruitment, teams, and executive management. Ongoing conversations about company strengths, weaknesses, and needs will help recruiters identify candidate strengths that will prove most beneficial to the brand. The key is to understand your current capabilities, as well as limitations. Then, use that information to make a quality hire.

Don’t Rely on Finding Perfection

Often, you hear the expression “finding the perfect candidate,” but to believe such a person exists presents a big challenge in hiring. Compose a list of the skills and capabilities that are most important—both the required and desired. When you have a prioritized list of capabilities, candidate evaluation become infinitely more effective.

If You Want the Best, Be Accommodating

The most desired prospects would likely be limited in their availability for interviews, so you must be willing to work with their schedule. Provide them with options—after normal business hours or on a Saturday morning. By doing so, you will make your candidate feel appreciated and increase their interest in working with your company.

Provide Smooth Onboarding

An effective onboarding process makes the new hire feel comfortable with their choice to join your team, thus positively affecting your company turnover. A welcome committee can be a great way to ease the nerves of new employees. It’s even better if you invite him or her to company events prior to their first day—so they have a chance to become familiar with their colleagues.

With effective communication and organization, your company can develop talent acquisition strategies to find and hire the employees that will most benefit your brand.