Communication is paramount when you’re working on a large, fast-paced, and layered project that includes a lot of moving parts. One of the most important factors to success is that the field and its workers communicate efficiently with the main office.

For example, every work order, no matter how small or large the adjustment, must be tracked to ensure total accuracy. Plus, at the end of a job, you’re going to have to explain why certain projects required more hours than you had anticipated. The swiftest way to increase efficiency and to track every moving part is to leverage software.

To help you prepare your worksite for the most effective contractor management, here are nine reasons why your company should embrace field software management technology:

  1. When used effectively, the software can cut your paperwork time in half.
  2. It allows you to access more accurate details for every aspect of a project, with minimal effort.
  3. Provides real-time status updates for multiple jobs and worksites, which can be helpful for leaders managing large crews, especially in industries like rails and utilities.
  4. Enhances communication between the field and the office thanks to dedicated tools for reporting data.
  5. Daily reporting allows you to clearly justify the hours worked on a job that perhaps went over budget, because of unforeseen obstacles or added scope.
  6. Allows for GPS Tracking to monitor the location or contractors on the worksite.
  7. Easily integrates with your accounting software and HRIS platforms.
  8. Creates an opportunity to track payments and ensure that finances are on track.
  9. Map View of all your active jobs across the country.

To learn more about contractor management systems, here are some software options that you can research to see what fits best with your organization and its needs.

And for more software options, visit this post.



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