In any industry, an unqualified hire can present significant risk to coworkers, clients, and the company. In the railroad industry, bad hires are responsible for equipment that can pose great danger to the public at large. Advanced background screening is viewed as important by railroad organizations and even the federal government. Have you thoroughly background screened your railroad employees? Have you introduced company and industry compliance training programs?

Employers are expected to maintain policies for railroad employees that ensure the individuals don’t have a past that make them a risk in their role and that their industry knowledge and understanding of their position has been assessed.

Fortunately, background screening and training/assessment programs have been designed specifically for the railroad industry—guaranteeing industry compliance. Here are some tips for identifying unqualified hires—and reducing risk in the railroad workforce.

Personnel Background Screening

Both contractors and vendors should be required to submit to a thorough background screening, to include:

  • Extended Nationwide Multi-County using 7- year address history
  • NCDC (The National Criminal Database Check)

The advanced background checks ensure that the employee is eligible to access certain facilities. Additionally, they also confirm the individual’s compliance with internal and regulatory requirements. An industry-specific screening service, like eRailSafe, is based on predetermined, pertinent factors that allow railroad companies to protect the interests of railroads and the safety of its employees.

Safety & Security Awareness Tests

All personnel should be required to complete railroad safety and security tests. Additionally, contractors and vendors should have mandatory training and testing, as well as be required to complete an orientation prior to start date.

Learn more about railroad safety training.

Badging & Credentialing

After completion of the background screening and compliance training/ test, employees should be issued workforce ID badges to be worn whenever on railroad property. Workforce ID badges help monitor who has access to sensitive areas and keeps out those who don’t.

Learn more about eRailSafe, a service by eVerifile, and maintain railroad safety with strong, qualified hires.