Currently, there is much conversation relating to background checks for government contractors—and the future hiring practices for government agencies. After details of the horrific event at the Navy Yard in Washington DC, Homeland Security Committee chairman, Sen. Tom Carper, promised to investigate the types of background checks performed on government contractors and to investigate ways to prevent such an event from occurring again.

Government agencies require a more advanced background screening solution to conquer security and regulatory obstacles to mitigate risk and ensure the safety of their workforce. The question at hand becomes: are government agencies lacking the technology and resources to identify high risk individuals or is there a deep-rooted problem with the overall screening system and the access granted to government contractors? The more important question is: how can the contractor screening process be fixed?

Contractors in government agencies pose a severe risk to operations and safety because they have the least oversight. Aggressive background checks are key. Agencies need to leverage technology to identify any past behavior that presents the candidate as a risk. The focus must shift from completing the steps to grant clearance to effectively obtaining information that will maintain safety and security.

To learn more about the investigation underway by the request of Sen. Tom Carper, click here.

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