Today we live in a truly global society. Businesses are as diversified as our country, and are no longer boxed in by borders – of any kind. As your talent pools and outreach continue to grow, so must your human resource needs.

More and more, the need for Global Background Checks is becoming more evident as companies hire applicants who have lived or worked in other countries. These background checks go beyond the status quo, and will explore backgrounds on an International level including International police records, address and education verifications, driving records, and professional licenses.

Future of Global Background Checks

Who shoulduse global background checks?

Global background checks are important in two different workplace scenarios:

  1. You hire foreign employees for your American-based business.
  2. You have an overseas operation that hires local talent native to that country.

Bottom line: You hire any employee that has ever lived, studied, or worked in a country other than the United States.

The Importance of Global Background Checks

By screening a candidate’s international background, you safeguard your company from potential threats. These threats come in the form of employees who have stolen from previous companies, have a less-than-desirable criminal record, or have over-exaggerated their education or previous work experience.

Additionally, using a background checking company that is skilled in various verifications and most importantly in International checks, will eliminate the hassle of overcoming various foreign laws, weeding through non-digital recordkeeping formats, and returning information in a timely manner.

The Future of Global Background Checks

As companies continue to expand globally and as the domestic workforce becomes more diversified with talent born overseas, Global Background Checks will become a necessity rather than an add-on to traditional verifications. Even if you currently do not employ foreign talent and only do business domestically, you will want to consider using a background checking company that offers international services as you never know when you may need them.

Companies that provide background checks will need to offer international services (if they already do not) in order to stay ahead of this growing trend. (And they will need to do so according to U.S. Safe Harbor guidelines.) When looking for the right screening company, look for an organization that can offer legitimate services.

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