eVerifile’s new program, eShortLine, extends the benefits of eRailSafe to short line railroads – the first unified employee and contractor screening platform of its kind. Rather than dealing with multiple platforms, short line and regional railroad owners can count on eShortLine for all their security needs. The streamlined program combines convenience and trusted expertise to reduce supplier and employee risk.

Through eShortLine, short line railroad owners can verify that testing, training, and appropriate investigations are being carried out by contractors and their employees – improving and ensuring job site safety.

eShortLine allows owners to review information on contractors, which is extremely important for informed decision-making. Individual applicants are also be screened, and those with badge permissions are monitored so no unauthorized personnel can access the worksite; this help avoid dangerous consequences. With flexible capabilities like customized screening criteria, short lines will be empowered to make excellent hiring decisions.
Several other benefits to using eShortLine include:

  • Part 219 compliance, per federal regulations
  • Ability to create a uniform process through training and testing, comprehensive background checks
  • ID badges for employees/contractors to access property
  • Improve efficiency and cut costs

In order to use eShortLine, you have to be a member of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association. Members of ASLRRA have access to business tools and resources, industry intelligence and expertise, a member discount program, networking and collaboration, and much more. For a full list of member benefits, visit www.aslrra.org.

“eShortLine combines security, convenience, and trusted expertise to reduce supplier and employee risk for short line railroads. ASLRRA is pleased to present this uniquely tailored program, which will ease the burden – and cost — of screening and onboarding third party contractors for our members,” said ASLRRA President Linda Bauer Darr.

If you’re a short line railroad owner who wants to make your life easier with eShortLine, visit our website at eshortline.info or call 877-435-2041. We look forward to making your workplace and workforce safer.