eRailSafe, the Class I Railroad industry leader for contractor and employee screening, helps protect Class 1 and Short Line railroads by providing a comprehensive safety and security program that includes screening, badging and training.

A service provided by eVerifile, the eRailSafe program is designed to reduce the number of potential safety and security risks that the railroad industry faces every year. To illustrate, 8,542 of the 91,146 (9.4%) candidates that were screened in the eRailSafe program during the 2013 calendar year were denied access to railroad property. This rigorous screening process provided by eRailSafe helped protect the railroads against potential safety and security threats.

Every year, thousands of candidates are screened through the eRailSafe program. And while screening is an essential step to protecting the rail workforce, other safety measures such as badging, ongoing monitoring and online safety training are all essential components to a comprehensive safety and security program.

To ensure a safe and secure rail workforce, rail leaders can become eRailSafe certified by following these three steps:

1.     Criminal Background Checks

All contractor employees are required to pass a criminal background investigation, before they are allowed access to the railroad property.

2.     Training and Assessments

Contractors and vendor personnel are required to complete safety and security awareness tests for their assigned railroads, during which users participate in testing such as rail security awareness training and contractor orientation.

3.     Employee and Contractor Badging

Railroad contractors and personnel are issued eRailSafe badges upon passing boththe background check investigations and compliance testing. In addition, all personnel must wear assigned eRailSafe ID badges when on railroad property.

Benefits of the eRailSafe Program

  • Comply with Federal Government safety standards and railroad compliance
  • Create a uniform process for the railroad industry through training/testing, comprehensive background checks and the issuance of an ID credential to access property
  • Centralize information for each participating railroad, improved process efficiency is experienced, particularly when it comes to managing both internal and external audits
  • Cost-savings through improved process efficiency for railroads
  • Contractors benefit through standardized pricing to access various railroad properties

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