Reliable contractor screening is an essential component to protecting your company and workforce. In today’s business world, many companies rely on contractors as a vital part of their workfore, and these individuals are often granted the same access as full-time employees. However, many companies continue to disregard the need for contractor screening.

It is estimated that 90% of companies fail to run the necessary vendor, supplier and contractor screening process.

Proper screening for your company’s contractors is imperative and will enable better hiring decisions. In addition, companies that proactively screen contractors can help:

  • Protect a brand’s image
  • Reduce data and product theft risk
  • Reduce potential litigation risk
  • Create a safer workplace
  • Increase supply chain visibility

Integrated Contractor Screening Program

Companies that utilize an integrated contractor screening process can mitigate potential workforce risk and eliminate potential future liabilities, safety issues and lawsuits.

Having an integrated contractor screening program means that all of your screening needs–from criminal background checks to training and badging to drug testing–are monitored and conducted in a centralized platform. This centralized platform enables a streamlined and reliable screening process.

As part of our contractor screening program, eVerifile provides services in the following categories:

  •  Criminal Background Checks
  • Training and Badging
  • Education, Employment and Reference Verification
  • Drug Testing

In addition to these contractor screening solutions, eVerifile can develop a contractor screening plan that is tailored to meet your industry’s specific needs.

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