Pre-employment background checks are among the most valuable contributions to a company’s risk minimization strategy. According to a study, 53% of resumes contain falsifications and a reported 7% of job seekers have a felony background. The truth remains pre-employment background checks are necessary for any company in any industry.

Many businesses will have a background screening provider to run the necessary background checks on potential new hires; however, at times, these providers fail to fulfill their obligations to the company: failure to meet deadlines, inferior customer service, or inaccurate background check reports. HR professionals can’t afford to have errors or an unresponsive background screening company.

While change takes time and effort, it is important to make decisions for the long run.  If you are struggling to proceed with change, see this Wharton Business School article, which will help you assess what you are holding onto and how to make progress in advancing change.

When you are ready for change, the question becomes: how can you smoothly transition background screening providers?

Do your due diligence:

  • Research the screening provider industries of expertise
  • Investigate the technology the provider will utilize to ensure accurate results
  • Consider the types of background checks your company will require and verify the provider offers these background checks as an advanced solution
  • And finally, select a company that, not only offers pre-employment background screening, but also ongoing background checks

Your employment background screening provider should be an important asset who works to deliver reliable results on time, so your HR department is able to maintain a quality candidate experience, while making the most qualified hiring decisions.

To receive support in the process of changing background screening companies to better meet the needs of your company, contact eVerifile today.