When your company makes the decision to hire an independent contractor you need to be aware of the similarities and differences, verse hiring an employee, in the employment process.

Though an independent contractor, it is imperative that your company screens the candidate as they would if he or she were applying to be an employee. Contractors are likely to have access to your work premises and, possibly, sensitive areas. Without proper screening, you jeopardize your employees, your clients, and your brand.

Here are some best practices when hiring an independent contractor:

Have a Specialized Application Process

They are not being considered for an employee position; so don’t have them complete the same process as you would for the usual employee candidate. Request that they send a resume with references—then request a formal interview.

Follow an Independent Contractor Background Check Procedure

For all contractor candidates, HR should, at least, be performing:

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Certificate & License Check
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Reference Verification
  • Drug Test

Put the Agreement in Writing

In most cases, independent contractors are not given the benefits granted to your employees. Be sure to put the formal agreement in writing and be cautious of your word choice—ensure there is no confusion as to their role and what benefits are, or are not, provided. Send the agreement to your attorney before sending to the contractor.

Integrate an Employee & Contractor Badging System

Keep the individuals who should belong in, and the others out. Employee and contractor badging allows your company to control who has access to the sensitive areas in your workplace. An independent contractor should only receive badging after you review their background check and no red flags result. A contractor badging system can be monitored online and prove to a simple, effective solution.

Safety in the workplace should be your overall concern—and with a structured application process, reliable background screening, and a solid badging system, you minimize risk and increase security. To learn more about minimizing risk in the workplace, contact eVerifile today.