Far too often, many casino HR departments implement casino background screening policies for new hires, and even existing staff. Beyond casino staff there is another threat that exists. Vendors, and their employees, have access to secure areas of your casino and, without proper background screening, you risk the safety of your employees, customers, and company as a whole.

Here are some best practices for casino background screening:

Pre-Screen Personnel & Applicants for Key/ Non-Key Positions

It is critical for casino HR departments to pre-screen both personnel and applicants to identify to identify unqualified individuals before they are put in important roles within the organization. In addition, be sure to qualify candidates for licensing of both key and non-key roles.

Integrate Casino Contractor & Vendor Management Enrollment System

A formal casino vendor management enrollment program will decrease the time and expense associated with maintaining contractor and vendor relationships. GamingForce, a service by eVerifile, provides solutions for simple background checks to entire vendor management enrollment systems designed specifically for the gaming industry.

Security Management

Utilize a service to maintain compliance with internal and gaming regulatory requirements through comprehensive security screenings, web-based orientations/ trainings, and security credentialing/ badging.

Not only do casino background screenings reduce risk, but, as seen by The Chickasaw Nation who owns 16 casinos and bingo halls, there is a large increase in productivity by being able to select more suitable candidates based on the information collected.

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