The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association, also known as ASLRRA, is a trade association that represents the owners and operators of short line and regional railroads. For small communities that dot rural America, these small railroads are the only means of staying connected to the national rail network, giving them access to staple goods and services.

ASLRRA was formed to protect the interests of small railroad operators and help them have a voice in Congress.  Railway owners and operators who join ASLRRA have access to the organization’s extensive industry knowledge and various benefits. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to consider a membership with ASLRRA:

  1. Industry Expertise
    ASLRRA provides members with countless resources to keep them informed about ever-changing regulatory and legal issues pertaining to short line and regional railroads. Members can call or meet with in-house experts to discuss inquiries and get guidance. Bi-weekly newsletters, as well as ASLRRA’s exclusive data publication Industry Fact Book, summarize market trends and opportunities for railway operators, so members will never miss an opportunity or be caught unaware of changing tides in the industry. Members also have access to a library of webinars from trade experts and see speakers at regional meetings and seminars.
  2. Networking Opportunities
    Through annual conventions, events, and regional meetings, members have a wide range of opportunities to meet with like-minded individuals, learn emerging trends and make important, lasting business connections. To get even more involved, members can serve on a number of committees or participate in mentorship programs.
  3. Advocacy Programs
    ASLRRA represents small railroad operators in Washington D.C. In doing so, their team of lobbyists works with lawmakers to prevent unfair taxation and regulation. Through this advocacy, railroad owners have the ability to voice their concerns and provide recommendations directly to the government.
  4.  Industry Awards
    Members of ASLRRA are eligible for industry awards. Railroad owners looking to increase employee pride, networking, and recognition in the industry can set their sights on ASLRRA’s diverse awards and honors.
  5. Member Discount Program
    As an ASLRRA member, you will receive exclusive discounts that could save you hundreds on CapTrust employee retirement programs, as well as gain exclusive access to background screenings and drug testing through eVerifile’s service, eShortLine – a contractor screening and security management program specifically created for short line railroads. Save on fees and prevent further costs by minimizing workplace risk.

Whether you’re seeking to stay ahead of industry trends, have your voice heard by lawmakers, or benefit from best-in-class contractor screening services, consider joining ASLRRA by visiting their website here.