The importance of creating a valuable workplace environment is integral to a company’s overall success and employee performance. The workplace environment is a key determinant of an employee’s quality of work, productivity level and an organization’s bottom line. To achieve a successful workplace environment, businesses should build a strong communication platform where leadership can communicate with employees, enhance the hiring process by providing background checks, utilize a drug testing during the screening process, and implement safety training programs for all employees.

Below are the 3 helpful tips to create a safe, secure and successful workplace environment.

Implement a Strong Communication Platform
In order to communicate effectively, companies should implement a company-wide communication strategy. A strong communication platform, where management can communicate directly with their employees, can amplify and streamline a business’s communication channel.

For example, eVerifile recently launched myEVI—an intranet community that provides the entire company with an internal resource and communication platform. Employees in eVerifile’s Atlanta and Sacramento offices have access to a number of features, including: employee facebook pages, calendar of events, recognition, company announcements and a suggestion/feedback box. This platform is helpful because management can send company announcements and updates to all employees. In addition, employees have access to tools such as brand guidelines and an event calendars, and also receive updated news on the company’s milestones and other relevant happenings.

Offer Background Screening and Drug Testing
When companies go through the hiring process, which should involve pre-employment screening and drug testing, it is critical for companies to maintain a structured process throughout.

Organizations can achieve this by demonstrating proper due diligence by having every employee background checked for a criminal history and other relevant factors. Employers can minimize the possibility of workplace violence and protect the safety and security of their business by administering background screening and drug testing.

Provide Training Programs
Companies can safeguard the workplace environment by protecting their assets and offering their employees safety training programs, to ensure that they are qualified for their respective position. These types of programs should be administered to employees not only at the beginning of their employment, but throughout their time spent at the company. Some forms of training include:

  • HR Orientation
  • Corporate and Compliance Presentation
  • Personal and professional development seminars
  • Employee Surveys and Polls
  • Industry Regulatory Tests

Safety and compliance training programs help ensure that employees are aware of the organization’s policies and industry regulations in case of an event where an accident does occur. Contractors and employers should be confident that their workforce can effectively deal with an emergency situation due to their throughout safety training. Compliance education through training programs should always be an ongoing effort.


If you have questions about how to improve your workplace safety or eVerifile’s services, contact our team today.