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How We Collect Data

eVerifile’s Multi-Sourced Global Platform = Speed, Accuracy & Value

Client needs are increasingly complex and evolving. The industry trend is to manage costs by consolidating acquired platforms, outsourcing customer service and building a one size fits all solution. The challenge with this approach is how to provide a client driven solution in a model driven by cost and standardization. eVerifile’s approach is to build custom service solutions for each client – service and technology are the key differentiators.

Our solution is based on a multi-threaded background check solution, leveraging our integrations with the largest global data providers in the idustry. Each of these global data providers are strategic wholesale partners and supply criminal data through our cloud-based platform. Our solution allows us to be multi-provider gateway offering access to the largest resource of data and industry staff.

A key advantage of our integrated data provider model offers workload balancing – providing the greatest amount of capacity as well as ability to scale to any client level of hiring. Further, we have the capability to provide optimized blend of data services from the leading industry providers – where each is at its best.

This solution is unique to the market and allows for redundancy, flexibility, optimal turnaround times and data accuracy from a variety of global data partners. eVerifile diagnostics will provide continuous measurement and provide our clients visibility to overall program performance as well as the turnaround times and service levels of each data provider.

Our clients will have no issues related to potential service interruption or spikes in volume that might impact a single data provider, as we have the responsive capability to re-direct orders to the provider(s) in the best position to process them.

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