You likely have a tried and tested contractor security program in place.  You have invested time and money in training for your employees as well as your contractors on how to avoid the relevant hazards. But are you sure that your site safety protocols are being upheld? Or even effective? We are proposing something we call “The POLICE Method” to help maintain daily awareness of site safety requirements and keep your entire team engaged in the process.

Defining the POLICE Method to Help Increase Site Safety

The POLICE Method is a simple way to develop, implement, and monitor the security on your worksites, especially in rails and utilities, take a look:


All good site safety programs begin with a solid, detailed plan of action. Whether it’s planning for emergency situations or preparing the site for new contractor relationships, your team should always create a consolidated plan that details every scenario and aspect of your various work sites. To learn more about streamlining safety plans and protecting your company and its workers, take a look at this post.


Train and monitor your team and managers on all of the site safety measures and the plan you’ve developed. To ensure ultimate success, make sure you have all the necessary tools for overseeing contractors and for monitoring safety. Today, there are a growing number of technology solutions that can help with real-time monitoring, identification, and emergency reporting. Stay informed on the latest advances available to increase efficiency and safety.


One of the most effective aspects of an effective safety program is leading by example. To be an effective leader, you must follow the established protocols such as wearing the helmets, participating in the training, etc. Don’t expect your team and the contractors on your worksites to implement your site safety measures if you’re not.


Always keep an eye out for hazards on your worksites and push for timely corrective actions. Basically, if you see something, say something. And encourage your entire team to do the same. This goes beyond reporting an incident. Investigate why the conditions exist, look for the root cause, and again, strive for mistake-proof solutions. Today’s technology allows for real-time reporting, which can be extremely beneficial in emergency situations or for keeping hazard reports accurate and organized. Learn more about real-time reporting in this post.


A great coach notices when an issue arises aims to solve that issue in a timely manner, and shares best practices for ensuring those issues don’t continue. Act like a coach when implementing and enforcing site safety measures on your worksites. And most importantly, commend your team and contractors for following through with safe activity and high performance. Positive reinforcement and encouragement can increase productivity and lead to more efficient performance overall.


Once you have successfully implemented a site safety plan and encouraged your team to follow through with the new processes, you’ll want to perform regular evaluations to ensure everything is running smoothly and effectively. Look at performance and ask, “How is the program functioning?” Then, develop solutions and encourage continuous improvement through hands-on leadership.

The POLICE Method is one way to ensure effective site security. If you or your team have had success with a different method we’d love to hear about it. And, if you need assistance developing a process to make your worksite safer, get in touch with our team to talk through different solutions.



**This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to constitute legal advice.