With each new day, there are even more opportunities for internal fraud to jeopardize your casino. To ensure security in the gaming industry, HR professionals must be proactive in identifying the applicants with questionable pasts—but there are services developed to help casinos minimize the risk of poor hiring.

eVerifile provides the country’s largest casinos, and 15% of the Indian gaming industry, with risk management solutions to minimize the risk of fraud in employee hiring and vendor selection.

GamingForce, a service of eVerifile, provides On Demand and Custom Solutions to meet any routine casino management obstacles:

Key & Non-Key Workforce Management

GamingForce provides a range of services that assist casino HR departments in pre-screening personnel and applicants—to prevent unqualified individuals from being assigned to important roles—additionally, we can assist in the qualification of applicants for licensing of key and non-key positions.

Vendor Management

GamingForce, by eVerifile, helps casino operators design a program that decreases the time and expense associated with managing contractor and vendor relationships—from new vendor background checks to managing vendor enrollment systems.

Security Management

eVerifile provides help to casino operators and their vendors in complying with internal and regulatory requirements through comprehensive gaming background screenings, online orientations and training, and security credentialing for key and non-key employees, contractors, and vendor personnel.

Contact eVerifile today to learn more about minimizing your casino’s vulnerability with risk management solutions for the gaming industry.