eVerifile Selects Trevelino/Keller for Its Relevant Industry and Vertical Experience to Bring Attention to the Importance of People-Driven Safety and Security Solutions

Atlanta, GA (October 15, 2012) eVerifile, acquired earlier this year by seasoned entrepreneur, Mark Wilson, along with partners, Frontier Capital, The Yucaipa Companies, Magic Johnson Enterprises and Plexus Capital, – has been working diligently for the last two quarters to prepare for its re-emergence as the category’s leader.  Critical to communicating that position is the selection of a national agency with deep experience in the risk assessment and workforce solutions space on an enterprise level as well as within the company’s core verticals.  Headquartered in Atlanta, Trevelino/Keller will focus on three core strategies – thought leadership, category disruption and vertical positioning.

A leader in employee background screening, compliance testing, vendor and security management, eVerifile has expertise in risk sensitive industries including healthcare, biotech, utilities, railroads, transportation, sports and event venues, and gaming,  Almost three quarters into the acquisition, CEO Mark Wilson is assembling a strong management team and deeper expertise in those verticals that have the highest growth potential.

“We have a great story to tell.  We have acquired a brand with tremendous potential, and today we have the capital and resources to scale it,” explains Mark Wilson, President and CEO of eVerifile.  “We selected a partner who has a track record of working with companies who are scaling rapidly and intent on disrupting the category.  After a thoughtful search, we selected Trevelino/Keller.”

Recognized as one of the top 30 firms to work for in North America, Trevelino/Keller is often sought by rapidly ascending companies in need of a strategic partner that cuts across public relations, branding, social media and marketing.

“We were impressed with Mark and his team from our initial meeting.  His success as an entrepreneur, his ability to bring together influential capital partners and his idealistic and realistic notions of category disruption, drew us to the organization and its potential,” explains Dean Trevelino, principal, Trevelino/Keller. “Of course, we are equally excited about the opportunity to work in an industry whose significance has yet to be fully appreciated.”


About Trevelino/Keller

Headquartered in Atlanta with a presence in Washington, DC and Charleston, SC, Trevelino/Keller specializes in public relations, social media and marketing. Recognized as one of the 30 best firms to work for in North America, Trevelino/Keller is sought after by companies in Technology, B2Business, Lifestyle, GreenWorks, Franchising and Health. In 2005, Trevelino/Keller founded the Atlas Alliance, made up of like-minded boutiques that offer cultural (Hispanic and Latino), geographic (Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific) and specialty expertise (entertainment, public affairs). In 2006, Trevelino/Keller founded The Start-Up Council to support early stage companies on a gratis basis. In 2010, the firm launched WheelhouseTK, a platform to bring experts together with unique skill sets in an effort to create a mutually rewarding community. For more information about the firm or if you have an interest in joining WheelhouseTK, visit trevelinokeller.com and wheelhousetk.com. For career placement, visit the firm’s talent site, prstarbase.com.

About eVerifile

eVerifile, founded in 1999, specializes in understanding the unique security needs of companies in various industries. Offering services such as workforce safety and security assessments, compliance education, and credentialing, eVerifile helps companies improve their safety and security while meeting compliance requirements. eVerifile is a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).Learn more at www.eVerifile.com