If your vendor were to hire an individual with a history of aggravated assault, but no one screens the contractor, your contractor could vandalize your office and harm an employee and/or client. As the employer, you are held responsible for the contractor’s actions; however, you can minimize this risk. By law, you are held accountable for the actions of the contractors your vendors hire. Without a proper contractor background check, you put your employees, your clients, and your business at an incredible risk.

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A criminal background check on the contractor will find any history of criminal behavior—which will help prevent potential violent behavior—and protect you from the legal and financial ramifications. According to a study by Careerbuilder, 11% of background checks come back with a criminal record.

Though, violent crimes are not the only situation deserving concern. Vendors, who hire contractors without proper drug testing, put you and your company in a dangerous spot. Along with minimal to no productivity, you run the risk of employee theft and injury.

Drug use is said to cost employers $276 billion annually—resulting from absenteeism, minimal productivity, injury, and theft. Pre-employment, and ongoing, drug screening helps minimize the risk of retributions resulting from employee drug use.

To best protect your workplace, conduct the necessary contractor background checks, and be certain contractors have the proper employee safety training that meets corporate and industry compliance requirements.

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